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Amec (AIS)

AMEC was founded with the mission of providing the best marine electronics for navigation, communication, and safety. In pursuing this goal, AMEC is committed to delivering AIS solutions to meet customer expectations for qualities, performances, values, and services. Our solutions cover from commercial vessels, fishing vessels, and to leisure boats.



The new CAMINO-108W is featuring enhanced Wi-Fi performance. When serving as Access Point, CAMINO-108W is able to connect to 10 mobile devices simultaneously. It can be also configured as Client to share an existing Wi-Fi network. The user-friendly software interface provides easy-to-understand setup menus for AIS as well as Wi-Fi related functions.

CAMINO-108W remains true to itself as a reliable AIS class B transceiver: The leading software defined radio technology inside Camino-108W provides high performance to ensure reliable transmission and reception of AIS messages.


Its NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and waterproof USB port enable simple integration with chart plotters and PCs. Built-in SD card slot makes storage of AIS data easier than ever.

The new CAMINO-108W, an upgraded AIS platform with outstanding Wi-Fi performance, is a even better companion for your voyage.

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