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Woosung I.B. has its own brand (ZEBEC, Z-PRO, KX-ONE) that have exported Sports boat, Combi boat, Fishing boat, Rafting boat, Kayak, Flyfish, Banana boat, and Waterpark raft to over 60 countries around the world. In addition, Woosung are supplying the bulk orders that designs and specifications are customized by customer. Respond immediately to customer requests in creating a sample, we have helped the customers that could enter the market rapidly and success.


Woosung have acquired various certifications as well as CE and patented a number of models have been produced.
Woosung are producing products utilizing air-deck fabric with special two later structure, light and durable TPU, Hypalon fabric used in military as well as their existing PVC fabric that have variety designs and functions.


SUP - Stand Up Paddle



La Jade

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