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MS1-XX Asiatic Marine Malaysia Multiflex YAMAHA Outboard Mechanical Steering.png

MS1 | Packaged Mechanical Rotary Planetary Steering Kit for engines upto 150 Hp

Kit includes :
Steering Helm: H1
Steering Cable: SC -16-XX
Bezel Kit: B1B

Download Installation Manual

Multiflex Mechanical Steering systems are designed to be used up to 150 HP engines. These are offered both in kit form and as individual components. The kit includes all the components of the Mechanical Steering System such as Steering helm, Steering cable, Bezel Kit and connection Kit. MULTIFLEX manufactures a wide range of Mechanical Steering Systems thereby offering flexibility to the user to choose his preference.

Mechanical-Helm-H1-2 Asiatic Marine Outboard Multiflex.jpg
H1 | Planetary 150 Steering Helm

› Compact Planetary Design
› Easy Connection , Quick Installation
› Helm Cover: High Pressure Die Cast Aluminium alloy
› Powder Coated for enhanced corrosion resistance
› Helm Shaft : Galvanised Steel Standard 3/4” tapered shaft

SC-16-XX Asiatic Marine Outboard Multiflex.jpg
SC-16-XX | Steering Cable

› Stainless Steel Output Ends
› Minimum Bend Radius is 8 Inches
› Exceeds ISO 8848/9775 Standards
› Part No: SC-16-XX (XX is the length of the cable in feet)

Bezel-Kit-B1B Asiatic Marine Outboard Malaysia Multiflex.jpg
B1B | 90° Black Bezel Kit

› Bezel made from Engineering Plastic

› Standard 90° Black Bezel kit B1B is supplied with Packaged Mechanical Steering Kit

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