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Raymarine Fishfinders / Sonar Modules

Whether your passion is freshwater, inshore or offshore coastal fishing, our DownVision™ and SideVision™ fishfinder sonar modules allow you to image structure and find fish simultaneously - all with exceptional clarity.

With fish finders engineered for hobbyists and serious anglers alike, our range of sonar modules let you spend more time catching fish and less time looking for them.

Raymarine's ClearPulse CHIRP Technology

Raymarine CP450C Sea Trail

Key Features

  • Patented ClearPulse digital sonar technology.

  • Sharper, well defined echoes.

  • Cleaner, noise-free display with enhanced inter-ping processing and comparison data.

  • Better shallow water, bottom tracking and thermocline recognition thanks to improved signal to noise ratios, reverb and interference rejection.

  • Surpasses conventional sonar with accurate performance from 2 to 10,000ft (dependent on transducer used).

Conventional Sonar

Listens to a single frequency

ClearPulse CHIRP Technology - How it works


Conventional sonar modules transmit and listen to at a single frequency with each pulse.

CHIRP transmissions allow more sonar power to penetrate the water – in fact x10 more power when compared to conventional sonar modules. ClearPulse CHIRP technology takes advantage of a wide spectrum of sonar signals to deliver amazing detail and accuracy.



CHIRP listens to a wider spectrum

See the Differences !!!

Conventional Sonar

Targets can merge into one target



ClearPulse CHIRP reveals much greater detail

Compare Raymarine Fishfinders / Sonar Modules
* The performance of any sonar module can be effected by a number of variables including: type of transducer connected, water clarity and the technical specifications of the connected multifunction display.
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